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Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization


Amanda Rupp

Executive Director

2022 ECHS Board

Priscilla Hunt


Alex Herman

Vice President

Matt Odom


Cheryl Stramel


Brad Ricke

County Liason


Donna Maskus

Lyle Johnston

Debra Ludwig

Holly Unrein

Juti Winchester

Jerry Braun

Norman Clark

Braden Splichal

Greg Atkins

Mark Kay Schippers

Cynthia Stone

Marco Macias

Become a trustee

Officer terms are one year, they are allowed to serve no more than 3 consecutive terms.
Trustee terms are three years, and they can serve two consecutive terms.
Each year at the Annual Meeting of Members, held on the last Monday of January, a vote is held for all four officer positions an four trustee positions. Must be present and a member in good standing to vote.

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