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Museum Buildings

Take a peek at the historic buildings that make up Ellis County Historical Society!

Brick and Limestone Churches

The brick church was built in 1921 and houses much of our collections, but is closed currently for renovations. The limestone church was originally a Presbyterian church built in 1879 and later partially remodeled to make room for the brick church. It currently displays our Sternberg Firearm exhibit and other displays.
Both are located on the corner of 7th and Main Street.

Stone Church good.jpg
Volga German House_5_edited.jpg

Volga German Haus

The Volga German Haus is a replica of a traditional limestone home of the Volga German settlers in Ellis County. This one-room building contains all the typical trappings of a pioneer's proud home.

Located north-west on the main campus on 7th and Main Street.

Younger Harness Shop

From its humble beginnings in early Hays, through its many incarnations as other businesses, and finally in its life as an exhibit building, the Harness Shop has outlived many of its downtown neighbors.

Subsequent occupants of the building have been C.M. Holmquist, lawyer; Francis W. Ostrum, abstractor; and the Match Box, a gift shop. It is also possible that at some point, Kathryn O’Loughlin, the first female to serve in Congress from Kansas and a Hays lawyer, used the building as a law office.

Located south-west on the Main Campus on 7th and Main Street.

Younker Harness Shop good.jpg
FHM Inside_3.jpg

Firehouse Museum

In partnership with the Hays Fireman's Association, this museum spotlights different aspects of historical fire-fighting.

Located behind the churches on the main campus of 7th and Main Street.

Boot Hill

Boot Hill was once a grave site between 1867 and 1874 for anyone who died "with their boots on". About half of the bodies have been moved to Allen Cemetery.

Located at 1806 Fort St, Hays, KS 67601


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